Range of Services

Apart from the above, the Office provides comprehensive legal assistance to entrepreneurs, including collective entities within the framework of permanent legal service. The Law Firm provides legal assistance to the province of Malopolska, and if koniecznosści provide help local lawyers outside the province. By using the services provided by the law firm you can count on professional service, reliable approach to individual customer needs and the expected protection of their rights. In a situation where the matter requires consultation with specialists in the areas of tax law, copyright and industrial property assure professional help of lawyers from the scope of these branches of law. Firm performs its services with due diligence resulting from legal knowledge and experience, and adherence to professional ethics remains an inseparable part of the provision of legal assistance in accordance with the Code of Ethics Counsel. In implementing these principles guarantee the confidentiality of all information provided by the clients office in connection with the provision of legal assistance. Membership of a professional body of solicitors and the profession makes the provision of legal services by law firm is covered by compulsory insurance of civil liability. Firm in the first place takes into account the needs of customers, which is why I am able to adapt the form, time and place of services to the expectations and needs of customers. Legal aid may be obtained in person at the headquarters office, the headquarters of your company, at home or at another agreed place. It is also possible contact us by phone or via e-mail.