Civil law

As part of legal assistance in the area of civil law, the client receives legal advice, consultation and representation in the court procedures in particular:

⁃ in cases of provision of services ( for example: compensation, warranty and guarantee, avoiding legal consequences of the statement of the will, declaration of nullity or ineffectuality of legal action, stating privity, full assistance in the area of due payments recovery,

⁃ in cases of compensation resulting from tort ( e.g. compensation and reparation from insurance contracts)

⁃ in cases for protecting personal rights

⁃ in cases of proprietary law ( protecting freehold, protecting ownership, enactment, changing of limited proprietary laws including easement)

⁃ inheritance law (inheritance division, joint ownership dissolution)

⁃ also in other cases resulting from privity, cases described in Civil Code, Act of Consumer Laws and related Acts