Mergers, takeovers and trade law

We support consolidation and reorganizational processes. We merge, divide and transform enterprises. We prepare agreements of disposing shares and stocks of trade companies putting attention to every detail of the transaction, taking into consideration tax aspects and detailed analysis of due diligence company. We are active in every stage of the process by assisting with negotiations, preparing drafts of the agreements. We run the case from the beginning to the end, also by providing legal advice after the transaction process has been completed.

We are with you from negotiation till preparing the final project, at every stage. We understand the intricacies of legal language and we use it to your benefit, regardless if this refers to economic agreement, employment contract, loan contracts, leasing contracts or other civil law agreements.

We narrow the responsibility of our clients to its limits, as well as we care about every part of the agreement. Our lawyers have knowledge and experience to help finalize the transaction by diagnosing every potential problems. We create long term cooperation with our clients, advising them in important legal decisions.

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