Economic law

The office provides legal assistance in the area of corporate cases and trade transactions. This assistance is directed to the companies i.e. natural people running business activity as well as collective entities – commercial law partnerships. For this group the office provides legal assistance especially in the area of:

⁃ legal service provided to the company on a regular basis

⁃ registry of entities at Polish Central Registration and Information on Business and at National Court Register

⁃ making changes at the above mentioned institutions

⁃ preparing and giving opinions on agreements and the condition of commercial partnerships ( including Foundations and Associations) as well as other internal documents regulating the status of the given entity

⁃ keeping record related to running business activity including organizing meetings and assemblies of the members of commercial partnership as well as sessions of their authorities/parties.

⁃ Representing before the court and other adjudicating entities in any cases related to running business activity

⁃ assistance and representation in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings